how horrible is your book club

I, for one, wish all book clubs were horrible.

And by that I mean, I wish they all centered on the horror genre because honestly – is there anything more fun than the thrill of a good scare you can share in the dim light of an evening with your totally freaked-out friends and like-minded acquaintances?

Hermia and Helena” by Washington Allston, born Georgetown, SC 1779-died Cambridgeport, MA 1843/ CC0 1.0

I like to think book clubs are generally initiated by people who have a genuine love of books and reading, but those honourable intentions can quickly devolve into chaos(!) and socializing(!) where many carbohydrates are consumed and adult beverages drained. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s just not all that… bookish.

The purpose of this site is truly insidious and terrifying: here, you could conceivably find a delicious new (to you) horror story to sink your sharpened incisors into. And the bonus? You could convince your book club to join you in fearful reading with a full course of discussion prompts to enhance the experience and keep the conversation focused. At least, until there is a breach in the snack cupboard and corks start popping to cause inevitable distractions and/or merriment. After all, a little levity is a welcome balance to the darkness dwelling on these pages and in your reader’s heart.

Our first feature (coming soon) will be The Breach, by Nick Cutter. I know, I know… I’m cheating because this is only available as an audiobook on Audible. But I got SO EXCITED about a new offering from Nick Cutter (aka Craig Davidson) that I felt I had no choice but to elevate it to the top of the pile.

Quietly creep over to the book club main page for this and other books we’ve been brave enough to prepare for you and your coven.

go ahead, whistle past the graveyard

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